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News and announcements relating to knowledgesutra

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Free Web Hosting (free Trap... - last post by OpaQue


READ THIS FIRST to Understand this Community and How we offer Unbelievable Web Solutions for Free. If you are already our Member and Satisfied with our Services, Feel free to post a generous testimonial here.

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Questions & Answers

The Quest for Wisdom through Knowledge starts here. Help others by Solving their Questions & Doubts. You may also start a New Question or Discussion. Once any Discussion hits satisfactory solution, its Closed any Moved to appropriate Category by our Moderators and Spam Cops *Aspiring Moderators*.

Its HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that everyone start New Discussions in this Forum Feel free to let your Heart out. You may AsK Doubts, share Ideas, Review Anything, Teach Something, Share your Strong Opinion.................
Kindly Do *Not* Give any Private Information like "your proper name", "your Email", "your Company" or "your City" etc. Please be Safe Online.

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Just Wanted To Say Hello. - last post by LAuj


New to kknowledgeSutra? Post an introduction here, and let all the other members know a little about yourself.

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Just Want To Say Hi! - last post by EHurlburt


You can post here even if you are not registered as a member.
This is a place for guests to leave a question or give us feedback.
What are you looking for in a free host, how did you find us, what do we need to do for you so you will sign up.

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Guests! - last post by rojarsmith123


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Just for Knowledge!

Don't Bite your Fingers!! Just Open out your curious heart <3 here.

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Something I'd Just Like... - last post by k_nitin_r

your VOISE.

TrapOnion.com VOISE: Voluntary Organization in Interest of SELF Education
VOISE's objective is to protect and further your interests as an individual. It aims at not only making you conscious of the malpractices perpetuated in the marketplace, but also at creating an awareness that
organized efforts can overcome your helplessness. It works towards informing you of your rights and helps you to get value for your faith.

Do you feel cheated?
Do you feel that a certain brand or product that you bought doesn't live up to its promise? Do you feel confused deciding which brand to buy? Do you feel the need for someone who could guide you, listen to your complaints, suggest new ways to deal with your day-to-day
consideration and related problems, and fight on your behalf? This is the such forum for you.

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New Job Oppurtunity - last post by k_nitin_r


HOT NEWS!! [ FIR ] ( First Information Report )

This forum is not to be used for copy and pasting a news article. This is for you to have an opinion about said news article and maybe put a link to the article.Excessive quoting will not be tolerated!
Discuss the current news, issues, programs etc. A place for you to discuss the current affairs..

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Dissapearing Act - last post by k_nitin_r

What Is...?

Did you discover something today or learn something new? Tell it to others, and exchange general knowledge and information. IMPORTANT : READ PINNED TOPIC REGARDING RULES!

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What Is Westboro Baptist Ch... - last post by demonboy1990


Contribute only full How-To's and Tutorials here. Submit Tutorials, Guides and Hints.

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How To Proxy Make your ip d... - last post by dharshika

The Vent

OPEN, please do not abuse the privilege!-
Vent out all your agression, and have a rant about what's bugging you. The same rules go here as for the rest of the board, do not use foul language. The TOS is part of this forum and we do not tolerate bigot remarks or plain stupidity, nor will we accept "prosecution" in venting.

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More Laws - last post by k_nitin_r


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My Ideas, Theories, Possibilities, Innovations

Put down your ideas, your plans or your thoughts. Anything which you think is possible and can help make things better. Everyone has a young scientist in them :) Feel free to Bring it all out here!

Eg. You have an idea to use the body of a laptop as a static heatsink which will dissipitate the heat in the large heatsink instead of using a motor fan saving battery and improving its life. OR You have an idea about another alternate source of fuel. (This is just an example) Ideas can be anything from Personal accessories to Super Computers.

Forums will be categorized later depending on the response of the topic.

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Creating The Means Of Our O... - last post by k_nitin_r

Science & Technology

  • 1,066 topics
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Looking For An Easy Solutio... - last post by zaad

Mobility, Mobile Phones

Talk about being Mobile

  • 464 topics
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Ios 6; Worth The Wait? - last post by k_nitin_r

Science and Nature

Learn or discuss about compelling science and nature topics.

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Carbon Dioxide Sources - last post by k_nitin_r


Talk about BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Ducati, Motorcycles. trucks etc.

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Tailgating: They Law Is Aga... - last post by k_nitin_r


  1. Photography Reviewer's Digest,
  2. Digital Cameras,
  3. Film Cameras,
  4. Photography Tips, Tricks and Techniques,
  5. A View Through The Lens

Now Open!

our Photography Class is now in session. Bring your gears and get ready to become a shutterbug. Let your creativity flow through the lens (TTL). Show your best stuff and share your techniques.

  • 87 topics
  • 496 replies
What Camera Canon Or Nikon - last post by tawacom

The Internet

  1. Website Discussion,
  2. Web Design,
  3. Website Reviews,
  4. Web Hosts Review,
  5. Website Showcase,
  6. Advertising,
  7. Internet Marketing,
  8. E-Mail,
  9. Web Browsers,
  10. Microsoft Online Services,
  11. Google Services

Notice! This forum is now strictly monitored. This section is reserved for Member Level 1 or higher. This is to prevent unwanted spam advertisement by just passing bystanders. Thank you.

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Is There Any "developers On... - last post by k_nitin_r


  1. Programming Languages,
  2. Software,
  3. Operating Systems,
  4. Hardware,
  5. Computer Security Issues & Exploits,
  6. Computer Networks,
  7. Database,
  8. Multimedia,
  9. Telecommunications,
  10. Wireless Technology

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Skype Error Message "sk... - last post by seadragon1855


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Life Talk

  1. Books,
  2. General Talk,
  3. Career And Job,
  4. Sports,
  5. Debates,
  6. Real Life Experiences,
  7. Regional,
  8. Regional Affairs,
  9. Shopping,
  10. Arts,
  11. Drink,
  12. Family,
  13. Hobbies,
  14. Holiday, Festivals, Vacation

Talk about your daily life events, issues or challenges you face. This is about your life.

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Things I Wonder About. - last post by k_nitin_r

Spirituality and Consciousness

  1. General - Introduction to Spirituality, Understanding Spirituality - Questions & Doubts,
  2. Spirituality & Meditation : Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam.,
  3. Spirituality & Beliefs,
  4. Spirituality & Religions,
  5. Spiritual Development,
  6. Dreams & Visions,
  7. Astrology & Astronomy,
  8. Healing,
  9. Science & Spirituality,
  10. MISC,
  11. Pray Spiritually

Spirituality is a harmonious blend of outer silence and inner celebration and also inner silence and outer celebration. When attention is given to the spiritual aspect of one’s life, it brings responsibility, a sense of belongingness, and compassion and caring for the whole of humanity. Spirit upholds and sustains life. It makes you strong and solid. It breaks down the narrow boundaries of cast, creed, religion and nationality and gives you an awareness, this uplifting of consciousness, that wars can be eliminated and human rights restored in the world today.

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Just Wanted To Say Hello! - last post by BCrandall


  1. Flash Animations ,
  2. Jokes,
  3. Other Funny Stuff,
  4. Movies,
  5. Music,
  6. Music Lyrics,
  7. Pictures,
  8. Video Clips,
  9. Band / Artists,
  10. Television


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I'm Dumb. It's A Re... - last post by k_nitin_r

Art & Creativity

Poems, Lyrics, Songs, Art, Music, Video..

Anything you made, that you would like to show off and share with us. Just all your creative stuff... (NO POST COUNT)

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I need Rap Lyrics Can someb... - last post by edward23


  1. Early Childhood Education,
  2. High School (Secondary School),
  3. Universities & Colleges,
  4. Online Education,
  5. Study Abroad,
  6. Learning Disabilities,
  7. Academic Advising,
  8. Other (Education)

  • 306 topics
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Can You Go Back To High Sch... - last post by k_nitin_r

Dating And Relationships

  1. Dating Advice,
  2. Infidelity and Breakups,
  3. Relationships,
  4. Your Dating Stories

DISCLAIMER : This forum is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. The opinions stated on this forum are just that: Opinions. We are not professionals, just people who have lived life and want to help others gain perspective on their dating and personal issues. We will not candy-coat advice or tell you what you want to hear; we will tell you what we think you need to hear. Parental guidance is suggested for those under 18 years of age. This forum is a known addictive substance and may cause lowered productivity. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while reading.

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Crazy About An Acting Teach... - last post by nyouremyperfect10

Home & Garden

  1. Food & Cooking,
  2. Construction, Home Improvement & Furnishing,
  3. Home Safety & Security,
  4. Electronics, Electrical & Lighting,
  5. Heating & Air Conditioning,
  6. Lawn & Garden,
  7. Pets & Animals,
  8. Plumbing, Tools & Power Equipment

  • 439 topics
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Sloths As Pets - last post by k_nitin_r

Health & Fitness

  1. GENERAL (health and Fitness),
  2. Weight Control,
  3. Physical Therapy & Exercise,
  4. Mental & Emotional Health,
  5. Diets and Nutrition,
  6. Disabilities,
  7. Death & Dying,
  8. Medicine & Alternative Medicine,
  9. Addictions,
  10. Beauty, Skin Care & Hygiene,
  11. Health Care & Health Insurance,
  12. Men's Health,
  13. Women's Health,
  14. Hearing & Vision,
  15. Martial Arts, Karate, Ninja...,
  16. Meditation, Pranayam, Yoga


  1. Fitness and good health (on exercises, aerobics, diet, on building fitness and maintaining fitness, etc.)
  2. Strength and Endurance (using weights; also, special exercises to maximize what basic strength you have, etc.)
  3. Trapped and under Threat (practical self-defence, what to do if.. )
  4. Martial arts philosophies and meditations(maintaining your mental calm, dealing with stress, knowing yourself and finding the strength to be yourself - a calm and confident mind in a healthy body)
  5. Misc. Category (Fitness, health and self-defence issues that do not fit in the above categories)

  • 862 topics
  • 8,391 replies
6 Valuable Advices To Loose... - last post by Gale456


  1. History,
  2. Ethnicity,
  3. Genealogy,
  4. Issues,
  5. Language and Linguistics,
  6. Law,
  7. Organizations,
  8. Philosophy

  • 37 topics
  • 188 replies
philippine  literature - last post by mamer

People & Organisations

  • 10 topics
  • 99 replies
Business Greats Of India - last post by k_nitin_r


Talk about your place.

  • 6 topics
  • 50 replies
Favourite Place To Travel - last post by jameslong


  • 39 topics
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An Appeal To Indian Voters... - last post by k_nitin_r

Toggle The Gaming Zone (7Gears.com) The Gaming Zone (7Gears.com)

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Gamers Arena

  1. Clans and Groups

Discuss with each other, Boast about your skill. Show the other's What you Have! Challenge other clans ...

  • 1,310 topics
  • 8,734 replies
Pc Games On Xbox? how to pl... - last post by NNNOOOOOO


  1. Action,
  2. RPG's (Role Playing Games),
  3. RTS (Real-time Strategy),
  4. Sports,
  5. Adventure,
  6. Simulation,
  7. Strategy

Discuss everything about virtual Games.

  • 2,521 topics
  • 18,028 replies
Why Do Games Lag On My Comp... - last post by dharshika

Gaming Consoles

Talk anything about Playstation, XBox that is diffrent from PC Games...

  • 503 topics
  • 5,756 replies
Nintendo 2Ds - last post by Forte

Game Development Lab (GDLab)

True gamers and hardcore gamers are all invited to create one of a kind game! You are to use this forum for creating, collaborating, coordinating new game ideas. Publish your new game and let the world see it.

The future of gaming is in your hands!

  • 48 topics
  • 308 replies
Create Your Own Web Game, N... - last post by k_nitin_r

Toggle Money & Wealth Money & Wealth

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Business Forum

  1. Accounting,
  2. E-Commerce,
  3. Employment,
  4. Opportunities,
  5. Marketing and Advertising,
  6. Management,
  7. International Business and Trade

LiveBusinessTalk.com - Future sections may include Accounting, Administrative & Clerical Support, Business Plans, Business School, Careers, Communication, Customer Service, Economics, Entertainment, Ethics, Finance, Fund-Raising, Home-Based Business, Human Resources, Industrial Products & Services, International Business, Internet Business, Internships, Interview Questions, Investment Banking, Job Hunting, Job Training, Labor Unions, Management...etc

Start contributing your business ideas/experiences and we'll sort as we go along. Or, please post your suggestions in our Suggestion Box (see General Talk).

  • 167 topics
  • 913 replies
New Bearing Performance Of... - last post by ccN6d3Ia

Freebie Stuff

  1. Giveaway of the Day

Talk about all the freebie stuff on the internet.

  • 1,438 topics
  • 11,439 replies
Need Free Hyip Manager Pro... - last post by tomhardy

Make Money Online

Discuss everything about making money online! Did you find a new program today? Is it working for you? This is a place to yell it out.

  • 898 topics
  • 6,240 replies
Watch Youtube Videos/like P... - last post by rocky06

Toggle (GfxTrap) Graphics & Animation (GfxTrap) Graphics & Animation

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GFXTrap Team

  1. Graphics Crew

Announcements and updates from GFXTrap.com site. Only the staff members of Trap17 can start a new topic.

  • 124 topics
  • 899 replies
New Template Design For Gfx... - last post by darko100


  1. Showoff,
  2. Gifts,
  3. Battles,
  4. SOTW,
  5. Tournaments,
  6. Request Free Sig Or Banner

Post your graphic signatures here. (No Post Count)

  • 2,258 topics
  • 14,547 replies
Some Business Card Concepts... - last post by Saint_Michael


Post renders, brushes, PSDs, or other resources here.

  • 241 topics
  • 1,070 replies
[Tutorial] Create A Snow An... - last post by mamer


  1. Templates/Themes,
  2. 3D/Large Pieces,
  3. Animation/Flash,
  4. Questions/Requests

Post anything else related to graphics here.

  • 684 topics
  • 3,664 replies
Need A Theme - last post by Deaziz

Photoshop tennis

Photoshop tennis is a fun game where somebody starts the game off with a regular image, and then passes it on to another person to add something to it (usually funny/random) and it goes on and on with that single image and it usually ends up with rather hilarious results!

  • 8 topics
  • 107 replies
Photoshop Tennis #7 - last post by ManifestMW2

Toggle Xisto Network Sites Xisto Network Sites

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your Secret HideOut

All feedback about xisto are WELCOME here, Your creativity might just inspire a wick.. Feel free to let your heart out about KnowledgeSutra. We love listening and We like to hear more from you. Share your thoughts n feelings - no mental boundaries attached, just being Open!

  • 2,689 topics
  • 15,494 replies
Ways To Increase Traffic To... - last post by dharshika

Support and Feedback

  1. Suggestions,
  2. Questions & Queries,
  3. User Contributions

Support and feedback. Put in your suggestions, comments, complaints. All are welcome.

  • 2,015 topics
  • 10,832 replies
Virtual Free Host? what do... - last post by dharshika

ComputingHost Forum

  1. Announcements,
  2. Pre-Sales Question,
  3. Technical Support,
  4. Suggestions,
  5. General Helpdesk Questions,
  6. Write a Testimonial to ComputingHost

All ComputingHost.com related queries/Sales/support questions go here. Guests are welcome to post your questions but, you must be a registered forum member. (No Post Count)

  • 435 topics
  • 1,885 replies
Vps Hosting Service - last post by k_nitin_r

Qupis Free Hosting Forum

  1. Qupis Deleted Accounts

A single text ad at the bottom of the page, Free PHP, Perl free web Hosting with CPanel, Pop3 emails, forwarders, Add-on & Parked domains support. 150 MB space with 5000 MB BW. 99.9% Uptime guaranteed. All libraries completely included.

Our free CPanel hosting accounts are hosted on reliable ComputingHost Servers. Visit Qupis.com (No Post Count)

  • 162 topics
  • 601 replies
Questions Regarding Qupis f... - last post by mamer

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