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Cancer Your Opinion

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#1 assasinkilla


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Posted 24 March 2007 - 04:35 PM


What do you guys think about the new cure for cancer?

The other day, i was watching a documentary about Cancer and it's new cures, and they announced a new cure made in NewYork and tey say its enough for level 1 and 2 of cancer, and I know a friend who had cancer for about 4 years of his life and he never did Kemotherapy nor shos nothing at all...

He just prayed and asked god to cure him, untill one day he realized that God id curing him by sending these shots,kemo,etc..
So he decided to start doing Kemo, and taking Shots, etc...

Untill the first day he did it he passed away(R.I.P), I thought to myself why did it happen to him, If he always ued to pray and ask gos to cure him? And then i Just knew its fate, if a person dies or not, it's not the cures...

please reply leaving your opinion...

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#2 komigen


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Posted 02 October 2007 - 12:36 PM

Note: I know this thread is old but I feel the need to help this person.

the new cure for cancer

What new cure?

As for question #2:
I am an atheist but for the sake of argument I'll assume god exists for a moment;

The bible says:

God is allmighty and all knowing

And how many times have we all not heard:

God has a plan for all of us

Ok, so for starters let's find out what the term allmighty means:
Being allmighty means that you can do whatever you want, basicly. If you're allmighty, you're perfect in every sense. You know everything about everything. Everything that has ever happened everything thats happening and everything that will ever happen. And you have the power to change all that with a simple thought.

[there are issues about the paradoxal state of allmightyness and why it's impossible to be logically perfect, but I'll disregard that in writing this post and assume that God is in fact perfect and allmighty]

Read more about perfection here: wikipedia.com - perfection

Now, if God is allmighty and he's (God should actually be called "it" because he cannot have a sex but "he" simply sounds better and is commonly used so I'm gonna go with that) got a plan for each and every one of us (leading to some unknown end), that plan is assumably pretty solid and thought-through, right? You see, a perfect entity wouldn't create an unperfect plan now would it? This brings us to the fact that humans, in all our Godgiven glory, are not perfect. But again, God created us all just the way we are to fullfill his grand plan.

Now (the following may sound a little "harsh" but I mean absolutly no disrespect to you or your late friend) if a man is dying from cancer, this must mean God has given him that cancer for a reason, be it to test his faith or just to kill him. Now, if that man prays to God to cure his cancer, God is given a choice, A) Ignore the divine plan which God has had since the beginning of time before the universe, earth and mankind even existed and cure the mans cancer (unless curing the man is in the plan as well, which isin't the case here) or :) Ignore the mans prayer and let the cancer kill the man, allowing for God's predetermined cause continue without change.

So, logically, option A is pretty much out the window here.

Links (awnsers the question better then I do):


And especially
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#3 techclave


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Posted 21 October 2007 - 05:16 AM

hey komigen... shut up!

this is not the place to fight whether God really exists or not...

assasinkilla had asked about cancer cures and your opinion about it....

he did not ask whether God really exists or not...

keep your beliefs to yourself....
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#4 silver_wolves


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Posted 25 October 2007 - 03:11 PM

About God I don't believe in a god smiling down from some cloud in the sky-I believe that God is inside every one of us, inside our very own souls and you know it gives you hope when you pray, it gives you the strength to go on. For me God is hope, God is love, God is what everyone believes in. However everyone has it's own fate and God isn't Zeus or something like that who decides "Die or not to die".
However as techclave said this is no place to discuss judge God.
So about the cancer I didn't know there was a cure. But if there really is I hope that it really works and if so God bless the people who invented it! Cancer is one of the worst kind of sicknesses. I am very sorry for you loss assasinkilla. RIP for your friend. I must have been really hard for you. I also lost a grandfather because of cancer. But at least he died fast. Let's hope that this cure works and if it does it will change the world at least a little. And every change in a possitive way brings happiness to someone!
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#5 krazygoddess


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Posted 30 November 2007 - 08:49 PM

Wow a cure for cancer, I havent heard about that yet. Thats great if they really found one. My family is going through a really hard time right now with the cancer issue, I posted somewhere all about it but i cant find it. lol Typical of me, I would lose my head if it wasnt attached. But anyway, that would be so awesome if they found a cure for cancer even of its only for stages 1-2. Wont help us out any but there are many who I am sure it will be great for. My mom was just diagnosed with in the last month and given 2-3 months to live 7 max if she does chemo. They say she is uncurable, but there is always hope! I just have to keep being positive!
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#6 ezz


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Posted 11 December 2007 - 01:03 AM

Well guys I have an opinion and some information regarding cancer and I thought I could share it with you as so many people may don't know about it.

Some of these information are in a major importance in treatement of cancer and in prophylaxis as well.

Cancer still exists and there are many people suffered and still suffering being a cancer patients, actually it's a disease after all and not an execution, so let's have some facts about cancer and it's causes and how to cure it.

Everyone has cancer cells in his/her body, these cells can't be diagnosed through normal medical tests untill it reaches some billions in number so starts to appear as malignant tumors.
So that when doctors tell their patients that there's now no cancer cells in their bodies after treatment, that only means that normal medical tests can't find them as it didn't reach the cells number that can be diagnosed.

Cancer cells appears from 6 to 10 times in everyones life, but if the immunity system was strong enough it will destroy these cells and prohibit them from multiplying and turning into malignant tumors.

When anyone had cancer, that's an evidence for malnutrition, for several causes maybe for environmental factors, hereditary factors, dietary factors or life related factors in general.

To overcome the malnutrition, immunity system must be supported through changing diet habbits and adding more food supplements.

Unfortunately most of cancer patients as soon as they discover that they have cancer, without a second thought they try treatment with chemo therapy, radiation therapy or even surgery, and all of these have negative side effects in destroying the rest of body health and strength.

Chemo therapy or radiation therapy used in order to poison cancer cells "which grow very rapidly" but it kills and destroys normal living important cells at the same time !!! Also in it's origin as bone marrow !!! And also could make severe damages in most vital organs, as liver and kidneys, even in heart and lungs.

Upon starting chemo therapy or radiation therapy the tumor size will decrease that's right, but it'll lose it's effects upon the prolonged use.

When body becomes exhausted from radiation and have many toxins from chemo therapy, immune system becomes severely depressed, that's why body becomes exposed to many infections.

The most dangerous thing when chemo therapy or radiation therapy itself makes cancer cells being mutated and become more resistant and more difficult to be iradicated, and surgery may lead to cancer cells to be spreading to another body part or parts.

So what should we do?

Best thing to do is STARVE cancer cell !!! By stop giving them their need of diet, which is : Pure Sugar.

These malignant cells diets firstly and primarily on pure sugar, by cutting this supplement, we are cutting the first thing what malignant cells are looking for.

Sugar replacements is harmful also as it contains "Aspartame".

So depend on natural replacements as molasses or dried fruits but in a very small quantity.

Also table salt contains cehmicals that make it white in colour, so replace it with natural sea salt.

Milk and dietary products makes mucous in body especially in digestive canal, and cancer diets on this mucous, by stopping animal source milk and replacing it with soy milk for example, you are making cancer cells starving.

Cancer cells norishes in acidic medium, and that results from high meat diet, most meat we find in markets is full of accumulated antibiotics and hormones and other things, which is really harmful for cancer patient.

About 80% of cancer patient diet should be fresh vegetables. Adding also whole grains, little ammount of seeds and nuts and some fruits, to make body in a healthy alkaline state.

Another 20% could be cooked food including pulses.

Fresh vegetable juice gives easily digested and absorbed enzymes that reaches cells quickly in about 15 minutes, that gives nutrient and support to normal cells, so should be taken 2 to 3 times daily with eatingg raw vegetables "Enzymes destroyed if being heated to 40 degrees".

Avoid coffee, tea and chocolate or anything contains caffeine, green tea is a good replacement as it has anticancer properties.

Drink filtered and pure water, avoid distelled water.

Proteins from animal origin "meat" are hardly digested and requires large quantity of digestive enzymes, undigested meat in intestine turns into more poisons inside the body, cancer cells wall has a hard protein wall so by avoiding meat diet we are giving the chance for digestive enzymes to attack the hard protein wall of cancer cells, that makes it easier to body defensive cells to destroy cancer cells easily.

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other food supplements build the immune system and give it the power so the immune deffensive cells could destroy cancer cells easily also.

Cancer have roots also in one's mind as a disease with no cure and that's not true, that means with a positive soul and good psychological state helps body to fight cancer.

Anger, invy and unforgiveness put the body in a stressful situation and in a acidity condition alos which is not favorable.

So patient must know "and anyone as well" that he is really far from body boundaries and he must upgrade so to live in a state of forgiveness, love and satisfaction, in a good healthy life that gives him positive energy.

Cancer cells can't live in an oxygen rich invironment, so it's really necessary to practice some simple sport and deep breath exercises to deliver oxygen to every part and every cell of body.

Don't use plastic cans especially in the microwave or with hot food or even frozen one, use ceramic or glass ones instead.

Also some recents researches advise not to put water plastic bottles in the refrigerator as it librates "Dioxin" which causes cancer especially breast cancer, and it has a powerful poisoning activity, however "Dioxins" could librates also from plastic contains hot food.

Stop wrapping food with plastic, papers may be a little bit better but even water you don't know what it could contain.

I hope this could be a good resource for anyone looking for some information about cancer, may you all engoying health for the rest of your lives.
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