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6th Grade Graduation

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#1 AndrewJ



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Posted 22 March 2008 - 02:41 AM

I know most people are older than 13 here but I am graduating Sixth Grade here in June. I realize that is is a long ways away, yet, I need help... What is it like? Is it like being stalked? I mean, I have heard rumors that people stand around like they are in love with you or something... Please give me your advice and or input.
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#2 jlhaslip


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Posted 22 March 2008 - 04:30 AM

I think graduation from any level is a particularly important event. It marks a milestone in the path you have chosen.
Phd Grads right down to Kindergarten graduates each share that 'special' moment together with each other and also they tend to reflect on where they have been (what they went through), where they are (presently), and where they are heading (moving on).
Graduating the Sixth grade is no different than graduating High School, College or University, except for the fact that one graduation needs to be completed and passed through to get to the next one.
Congratulations on achieving this milestone, good luck in the next phase of your journey and best wishes in the adventure.
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#3 gisellebebegirl


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Posted 22 March 2008 - 04:40 AM

haha your graduation like being stalked? haha i went through that.. mmm how many years ago.. 5? i dont know im a junior right now. so im guessing its 5. but graduation is amazing (: you get your little diploma.. get to see all those girls in the high heels trip [specialy if its outside in the football field like in our school] my graduation was hilarious.. girls where wearing long dresses the ends were getting stuck to their high heels, and the high heels ends, where being stuck on the grass.. and they ended up tripping XD good times.. haha your a guy so you shouldnt really worry as much.. just look cool you know? hahah XD

you will have fun.. probably.. if you have friends.. i mean if not.. your gonna feel akward when no one claps for you.. when they call your name.. [me and my friends go to the 6th & 8th grade graduations every year, and ckap for the people who dont get claped.. its sad] haha XD

good luck in middle school.. those are going to be the best years of your life hehe.. because once you hit freshman year.. oh boy.. hehe, unless your tall girls are gonan make fun of you! [we do] haha (: we go around telling little freshman they will be hitting puverty next year hehe.... another thing NEVER hit on an older girl. they are most likely have a boyfriend whos a year older than them, and will have friends, who will harrass you hehe

:lol: eh i shouldnt be saying all of this im probably scaring you!
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#4 AndrewJ



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Posted 22 March 2008 - 04:36 PM

Lol. Thanks for the input. I'm just scared because this will be the first graduation I will understand. The one in Kindergarten was something I wouldn't remember. :lol: So yeah. Thanks.
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#5 serverph


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Posted 22 March 2008 - 06:16 PM

are graduation gifts part of the tradition where you are, AndrewJ? well, if it is, then it might be good to hint to your friends and family and relatives and parents to give you a nice one... like a cumulative reward of sorts for the six years you spent to reach this momentous occasion. :D that's what i remember from my sixth year graduation. GRADUATION GIFTS! :D

but not to get too materialistic though, graduation is a time for you to assess the years of learning, and mark it's culmination with the outlook of moving above and beyond what you have already achieved. :lol: and it's a time of sharing your achievements (even minus the medals and ribbons and other extra-curricular recognitions), with your loved ones... those people who have in one way or another made your graduation possible -- friends, family, relatives, acquaintances, schoolmates, teachers, coaches, teammates... and most especially your parents/guardians. it's the time you can thank them, by receiving your diploma with heads held high, and with a large smile. :D this piece of paper, you can hang in your home, not so much for yourself, but to make your parents/guardians and all the other people around you proud. ain't that a sweet thing. :P

graduation is also the time you can make more memories, so don't forget a coverage with a videocam, or a digital camera to capture the moment for posterity! :D since it's your first time to have a graduation you can set in memory for you to remember with much gusto and aplomb later on in life (unlike that one in kindergarten, as you said already), a documentation of sorts you can reminisce with (like a scrapbook, or an album, etc.) should be in order. :D

one of the best thing i remember from my sixth grade graduation is when me and my closest friends decided to impart with each other some personal keepsakes for which they can remember me by, and vice versa. :D a simple caricature/cartoon from class, a miniature book with inspiring thoughts, a pendant inscribed with the name of the giver, a solo graduation picture from each friend with heartfelt dedications, our school identification cards with our young likeness on our 6th year to the dearest friend... these are just some of those i got from this experience and which i keep to remember my old friends by.

congratulations on your graduation, AndrewJ. it's a step toward a more mature you, good luck! MARCH FORWARD TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE! :D
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