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Video Art youtube and trends

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#1 Eza


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Posted 17 November 2010 - 10:53 AM

Youtube opens several interesting possibilities for people to join the art of making videos and to make video art. This results in some high quality videos as well in trends lots of people don´t understand.

Several video art trends can be discovered on Youtube. Some of the trends of Youtube are described here. The videos posted in this post are ment to make the described trend clear and understandable.

This explanation seems to be necessary since it seems some people don´t know how to handle and deal with videos on a forum and get really upset.

1. Music

After some time of being against placing videos of artists by users the artists and the record companies place videos of artists on Youtube themselves. At the moment Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are in a competition which video gets the most viewers. The video clip of Bad Romance of Lady Gaga competes with the video made about the song Baby by Justin Bieber.

2. Humor

Some artists make humoristic videos. They are among the most popular video uploaders. Examples are Fred and Smosh.

3. Collaboration channels.

Lots of users join Youtube. Some time ago after joining lots of them didn´t know what to talk about in their videos. So the collaboration channels arised. A group of users join one channel. Each user posts one video on their day.

4. Beauty, Make up and fashion.

Lots of girls find a common interest. This makes the make up guru popupar. Some of them show items like The outfit of the day and My November favourites.

5. News.

Some users seem to earn a living by making funny videos in which they give comments about the news. It is probably a way for users to know how to interprete the news. Examples are whatthebuckshow and sxephil.

6. Television

Susan Boyle got world fame by the videos of her audition that were posted on Youtube. The channels of TheXFactorUK and Britainsgottalent are among the most viewed channels of Youtube.

7. Sexy girls

Some pretty girls have popular channels that let them earn a reasonable amount of money each month. Examples are HotForWords and VenetiianPrincess.

8. Video art

Youtube makes the art of making home videos popular. Video makers experiment with different ways of making videos. Surprisingly enough some of the users and some kind of videos become very popular. A talented genia girl is Mririan.


1. Fred

Fred is a British teenager boy with a high voice since the speed of the video and the audio track is increased. Fred seems to be very popular among young teenage girls. Some of them love their Fred Tshirt. In the videos Fred has all kind of adventures like his visit to the dentist and Fred goes swimming. The young boy who plays the character Fred was bored with making videos for some time. After a break he picked up the posting of videos again.


2. Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle surprised millions of people with a surprising audition. The sound of her voice and her singing are considered to be like very beautifull. The surprise of her singing quality rose because she was completely unknown before the audition. And the difference between the impression she made on stage by her first appearance, her attitude and way of talking and the things she said and her voice and quality of singing amazed. It shows internet fame is gained because people, websites, news papers and television shows spread the link to the video.

The audition of Susan Boyle in the talent competition television show Britain´s got talent of British television channel ITV.

3. Video like a form of art

One of the special things of Youtube is that almost everybody can make a video. For some sort of videos a webcam or a digital photo camera with webcam function or video application is enough. A computer and an internet connection are almost the only tools needed to make a video. A video editing program can be used to make a video without even using a webcam or a digital video camera. Pictures, videos and clips can be downloaded from the internet to combine them and make a new video out of existing material next to text videos. This means that while some time ago making video art clips was only done by video artists nowadays almost everybody who has the equipment consisting of a computer and an internet connection can join the home made video art.


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#2 rob86


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Posted 17 November 2010 - 06:34 PM

I use youtube mostly for educational purposes and sometimes watching some live videos of musicians. You can find pretty much anything on YT, how to use perform a song, to repair your motorcycle, to cook foreign cuisine. I also use it to share things with people -- a quick way to introduce them to things, tv show clips or songs. It's sometimes useful for checking out products before purchasing.

I haven't seen Fred but he sounds a lot like Mr Bean. I recall his comedy involved dentists and swimming among other things.

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#3 iAssistant


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Posted 27 July 2011 - 07:31 AM

Youtube is very entertaining and at the same time very useful to showcase your talent and tell the world, hey I can do this!
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