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Stupid Moments SHARE

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#1 Baniboy


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Posted 22 February 2011 - 03:01 PM

Do you have crazy moments? And I don't mean the times you are high or drunk.
Have you done stuff that you wouldn't in your right mind ever do? What did you do? Were the consequences good or not?
What do you think is the cause of these crazy/stupid moments? The fact that for a moment you didn't think about your ego and what people would think of you? Did something else inspire you to do it? Where did the courage come from? For me it's when I realize it's the last chance, I don't know why.

So, since I started this thread, I should share some of mine:
1. Personally I have done some stuff that I wouldn't take back. For example, once, half of our class' boys (me included) dressed up as girls (with make-up and all that crap) and we held a beauty queen contest :D It was stupid and fun!
2. This is more recent: I joined our school's choir. I had a problem with singing so I went to talk to the music teacher. She tested my ability to sing notes high or low and told me that my problem was quite usual (the problem being that I can sing high and low, but I can't sing in the middle). She told me I sang the right notes very well (which I had no idea of) and that if I wanted to learn to sing properly the only thing I could do was to sing and practice. Then she told me that the only chance to get guided assistance for free was by joining the choir. Mostly I didn't want to do it because I'm not a singer person, I have a bad voice and joining the choir itself was embarrassing enough for me, but then I realized it was my last chance to get rid of my inability to sing anyway. And it would only cause sacrificing two 15 minute breaks per week. The choir time hasn't yet come, but I have to say, I'm afraid now. I'm probably and the worst 'singer' in the group, but we'll see how this turns out.
There are other more embarrassing things I've done that I won't post here tho.

Share yours!

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#2 Iniyila


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Posted 22 February 2011 - 04:51 PM

hmm why not ? :D i have many of those moments too :

1. When i was in school some day we tried to set fire to a trash can but it get worse :D , actually i had to get some papers for putting in it because it was empty but when we was filling it we just didn't stop with a little and we made it full of paper so when the other boy set a fire on it, it started to burning like hell and i hit it with my leg so some of those flaming papers went out of the trash can, in this time one of the guys went to turn it off using his leg but it went so bad and on of the curtains of the class started to burning too, anyway with help of two distinguisher which were in the school we (not we actually :P) inhibited the fire of both curtain and trash can. why we do that is a mystery, you know sometimes something comes to your mind without any reason and then you do it without any thinking and in the most of the times it get so much worse than what you have thought like our situation, but i can say we have done not a new thing and i think may peoples around the word have done this but mostly by their cigarette. actually i have its movie and when i saw it i really think about why we have done that but anyway it was so much fun and we really enjoyed it but anyway there was a punishment after which ruined our fun moments completely.

2. Another one of the mess i have did is related to 2 years ago, it was my first year in university and i was with some other guys and we thought we should do something to laugh, we just installed some auto shutdown software on the PC of the class which were able to shut down system after 2 minutes of start up. when our teacher came and started the PC (because he was teaching using slideshow presentations) when he tried to open the power point file the pc started to shutting down, again he went for booting and this process went for around 30 minutes :D by the way as our teacher was a fun man too he didn't get mad instead he started to telling some stories which were really boring and instead of keeping us in class for 90 minutes he kept us for 120 minutes and this was really worse than just him teaching his regular course, by the way i don't know how but he was aware of the people who have done that (including me) so after class he told us about the thing and so as a punishment we had to give a presentation in the next class. so this time it wasn't fun at all not in the class and not after but anyway sometimes i do something without thinking and i should say all of these moments are good in total and when you remember it, you just laugh.

I have done many other things too, some of them went just so bad but most of them was funny in the moment. we are humans and we should do such a things because we are not robots which do not do anything without thinking and nothing wrong. i don't think there is any person without these type of moments in his/her life and there is nothing wrong with such a things.
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#3 comp2


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Posted 24 February 2011 - 10:41 PM

Its was during my second semester off college when I received an interview for a large tech company. The company was located in California and I was in Tampa, FL at the time. Not wanting to miss an opportunity like this a got in my POS car head headed west. Now not only was I hopping that the car made it I was missing mid-terms."I was already in trouble for attendance".

Upon getting there I waited and waited in the lobby area and was finally going back for an interview. Needless to say my stomach was in knots the whole time "Not to mention I only had about 50 buck for food the whole trip". Needless to say I did get the job and I am still working there after 4 years. But sometimes going out on a limb does work for you.
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#4 sheepdog


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Posted 26 February 2011 - 07:18 PM

Hey, sometimes being crazy can really work for you! It sure did in your case. I guess driving all the way across the country made a very good impression on your prospective employeer and got you the job! Glad that worked out for you.
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