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Hello everyone

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#1 ramron12



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Posted 10 April 2012 - 05:24 AM

hello everyone i am anew entry and i love Hip Hop music and watching movies

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#2 k_nitin_r


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Posted 10 April 2012 - 08:04 AM

Hi Ramron!

It's good to have you joining us here at Knowledge Sutra. We are a happening group that talks about all kinds of stuff, except work. Oh, wait, I guess somebody did talk about work too. So much for that thought.

I'll bet you are here for the free web hosting. Although the web hosting here is free, you have to earn the hosting credits by posting to the forum. The longer your post, the more credits that you get through the forum. You can then use your accumulated credits to order a web hosting package from the Xisto Support and Billing Site. You have to register on the Xisto Support and Billing Site with the same username that you used to register on Knowledge Sutra to get all of your posting credits to count. The script that calculates posting credits will also give you credit for posts that you made before you signed up at Xisto Support and Billing, so even if you did not sign up yet, you have nothing to worry about.

There are lots of friendly folks here at Knowledge Sutra and the most active among the folk are Mr.Dee and SheepDog. Ritu is one of the newer members on the forum and she has caught up with the rest - see her post count! Opaque is the administrator and gets quite a bit of help from Velma, both of who you will see around on the forum a lot. There are some other moderators who have been with Knowledge Sutra back in the day when the forum was called Trap 17. They do not come to the forum very often but when they do, they have something insightful to say citing something from the good old days (while the rest of us try to reflect on how it applies to the good new days).

If you ever have any questions about anything on the forum, Velma is the one who you should approach, but pretty much all of us here on the forum are willing to help in any way that we can so feel free to post a new thread and you'll get some responses to it in a jiffy.
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#3 nanna


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Posted 21 April 2012 - 12:34 AM

Hello RamRon
A very big welcome to Knowledgesutra where you will find everyone very friendly and everyone very helpful.
So if you have any questions or you need help with anything dont be afraid to ask.
I have a love of music too i like the rat pack the 60s and the 50s.You mentioned you like watching movies what sort of movies do you like.
As you can see im nanna the name because im a nanna to two beautiful grandaughters and a grandson on the way due in September.
My hobbies is food and cooking i have a blog Nannas Kitchen.My interests are my pets and animals apart from snakes,spiders,mouses and rats.
You will find plenty of topics that you can post in to earn your mycents.
Well i look forwaed to seeing you around the forum and i look forward to reading your posts.
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#4 sheepdog


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Posted 29 April 2012 - 09:13 PM

Great, glad to see another new face at knowledgesutra! As the previous posters already mentioned, this is a great place to earn your web hosting credits. And it's not too hard to do, just spend a little time visiting with folks and making new friends. And you can even get help with all kinds of problems. If your like me and not all that smart about computers, there are lots of folks here that are. Shoot, we can even help with personal problems, like our dating advice section. No matter what your interests, hobbies, or political concerns, there is a forum here that you can discuss it on. Even if you momma told you never to discuse religion or politics, we do that here anyway. It's all in good fun of course.
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#5 fermin25


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Posted 02 May 2012 - 07:56 AM

Welcome Ramron to the best post to host site in the world there is not another site like knowledgesutra.com when you can get fun and get web hosting too Great combination rigth... I dont see where are you from but if you are from a different country like the english speakers like USA, England, and all the countries which speak english around the world you maybe will have some problems posting because the english language have a little difficulty but I can sure you It can be possible to post in good english even your native language is not english. Here in knowledgesutra and it is very important to note we are a big community of poster who share our knowledge to the world and we get some credits for that. We use all the credits to get some great hosting plan like we pay for them. Actually the business model is doing publicity of the company which provide us the free service here to all the users that doesn´t like to post and only want to adquire the hosting paying real money. Other way the page makes money is with the ads that show us but I have a lot of time I don´t see any ads. I don´t know if actually knowledgesutra still makes money from the ads.

In the beginning all is complicated believe you will maybe have a lot of troubles understanding all the forums and maybe you will get some messages from the moderators because you posted in a incorrect forum and things like that. For example in my first post like three years ago I put a lof of images thinking this was a forum like all the ofher forums in all the internet. But I received some messages from the administrator and correct me and with the time I understood that all you have to do is only make good quality post and share value information for all the users.

It´s important to continue posting I don´t know if you read the rules and the guide yet. But if you didn´t I can help you with some parts of the rules I remember you have to make 20 good quality post before you get started with your hosting plan. How a quality post define? Well in the old trap17 there was a moderator that said a quality post is that post which have a least more than 25 words. So you can imagine how easy is to do a quality post. Better is your post more Mycents you will get. It´s important you have to post and post and while you more post you will get more experience and this will be more easy for you and be careful you can get a Knowledgesutra adiction!!! :D

Mycents. This is maybe the most important things for all the new users. Mycents is a measuring unit 1 Mycent=1 US cent and you can change your Mycents to get hosting plan or domain names. I have got both services and actually I have a hosting plan and a domain name which I bougth only with Mycents for one year. There is a script in the website that measure your post and determine how many Mycents you will get and believe it´s easy to make a lot of Mycents only posting one single post. All you have to do is keeping posting everyday but never sacrifice quantity for quality.because we don´t know but the Mycents script also measure the quality of the post not only based in the amount of words because there are a lot of users who write a lof of bad information and get only a few Mycents but most of users make a short or medium quality post and get more Mycents than others who full all the page. You have all the twenty fours hours to post the site is always online and you can collect your Mycents with patience and sometimes you will get enough amount of Mycents to buy your hosting plan only posting one single day.

I can give you more advices if you have doubts about knowledgesutra. So please fell free to post a question and I will be visiting this topic regularly.

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